Strategic objectives

It is our desires that in five years time, Mwiruti Secondary School grows to two streams school.

 Water is a great challenge for the school. The school does not have piped water and at the moment we rely on the little water we collect from the roof and from the river.

One of the answers to these problems is to harvest rain from the roofs. We intend to collect this water using plastic tank and if possible to construct underground concrete reservoirs to hold the harvest.

 Currently our students use primary school toilets and we hope to construct toilets for both boys and girls.

 We hope to construct one big laboratory that will serve the three science subjects and equip it with all the facilities required.

 At the moment we do not have a library our books are stored in one room. A suitable library is required where the students and teachers can do their study by borrowing books and do research.
 To keep up with current trends the school should put a computer laboratory from where the student can have access to the computers.

 At the moment the school has an office block and we hope to construct a modern block housing principals office, deputy principle office, bursars office, the staffroom and typing pool, and equip the offices with appropriate facilities.

Land under crop
The school has a total of 8 acres. It is possible with technical advice to intensify utilization of the available land in order to get maximum benefits from the land.

 The school perimeter is surrounded by barbed wire fence; this serves as a security against illegal entry into the compound. In next five years the school intended to reinforce fence using live Key- apple hedge along the road.

 Teaching/ learning materials and equipment.
Course books
The ratio of books to student at all 11 best is 1:4; the ideal position is 1:1. The school effort should be geared towards this ideal position in all subjects in all classes.
Supplementary books
There are few supplementary books but there is not a clear policy for guidance on the matter. The school should formulate a clear policy frame work for books.

Other teaching/ learning materials
Teaching materials also fall short of the expected position with mathematics readily chalk board mathematic sets, calculators and geometric sets. Adequate science apparatus   and chemicals should also be available when needed.
The school has no computers. There is need to buy computers and construct a computer lab where the students can benefit buy acquiring computer skills.  
Stationary is purchased according to need. It would be appropriate to stock enough stationary as may be required.  
Lockers/ chairs
The students have lockers and chairs’. The ideal situation is to maximise enrolment and ensure there is an equal number of lockers and chairs as per enrolment.Other requirements:
Staff development
It is good idea to keep staff update of current treads and enrich their skills by attending regular courses.
 Motivational talks organised at school level would also enhance staff performance and keep up their morale.
Curriculum records
 The school should keep schemes of work files containing current schemes for use by the teachers. Lessons plans records, records of work and continuous assessment records should be kept, and checked regularly.

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