Board of Management

When the management refuses to plan, it plans to fail which is very sad indeed. We are a new school and the foundation we shall lay will determine the kind of school we shall have in future, we are planning to succeed.
We have a favourable leaning environment here at mwiruti, A well populated catchment area accessible though an all season road and enough land to make our school the biggest and the best in Dundori Division and beyond.
The quest for education is manifested by the rapid growth the school enrolment has realized in the last three years. We started with a humble number of twenty two students.
In February 2010 with management of Mwiruti Primary School we are now one hundred and sixty one in December 2012, with five TSC teachers and 3 B.O.G teachers. This shows we have a very high potential need to lay proper hearing strategies which will include but not limited to providing physical facilities healthy leaning environment, collective social responsibility and create a harmonious B.O.G PTA students and community relationship.
It is with this in mind that we put forward this five year strategic plan for the period starting in January 2013 and ending in December 2017.
It is not a concluded road map but a guide to the development of Mwiruti Secondary school which will be used by the current and future management in the stipulated period and ago to guide in future planning of the school
The Board would also wish to mention that a comprehensive physical planning of the school land has been done for the long term development and being the pioneer B.O.G, we request that it be referred to when new structure and development.
The BOG would wish to appreciate the GoK through the ministry of education for the supports it has given the school and also giving us a chance to serve as the managers, the Subukia CDF through the MP, Hon Nelson Gaichuhie for the financial support and the parents, teachers students and the community for their encouraging support. God Bless us all
Simon wainaina Gatuiku
B.O.M chairman

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